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Japanese Army Shogunate Association

Simultaneously published on 2017.10.11
There are several Japanese camping friends on IG,
They have an organization,#军幕野営会
Every time they watched them set up military scenes with some bush skills,
I really admire...because it's so natural
Last week happened to be their first anniversary,
"A few days ago, I told Akira-san that I hope his photos can be shared in the fan club. He readily agreed, and he is as proud of me as I am.. Make friends 94 crosses and send blessings."
This article I hope to show him everyone’s enthusiasm, so that it will be more exciting next time
So first let's see how well he eats... (haha... he should not understand Chinese)
Seeing that he only uses firewood, but he can't cook anything. Excellent.👍



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