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2017 CX3 event notes

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I participated in a large-scale event for the first time in my first year of business. I was super excited and chaotic.
Fearing that customers cannot buy what they want, a lot of products are prepared on site.

Ask a friend to drive a truck and move a lot of Italian red-foot tables, red-foot stools, Italian army chairs, and Japanese wild pots.
There are also Asimocrafts, Finnish kuksa, old meal baskets, old hand-painted baskets, cooking stoves that CX3 debuted for the first time, as well as the pendleton towel blankets and ethnic floor mats sold by the pop-up.

------But, such stocking experience, once is good XD-----

A few days before the event, I continued to simulate and plan some layout appearances,
I want to show the usual camping appearance, instead of selling ordinary dull stacking goods.

When I arrived at the scene, I decided to set up the military curtain directly in the four-legged tent.
Because in this way can we show the atmosphere of Japanese wild pot and camping,
In addition to displaying a pile of wood, it is also prepared to be used as a handle for the customers who buy wild pots.

Choose the appropriate wood and directly help with the installation. This is a service only available on site.

On the opposite side of the stall, an old house-shaped tent was also set up, which is less than 4-50 kg, but because of the structural design,
Its skeleton is not long after disassembly, and it will be shorter after storage. This is also one of the factors that makes it willing to take it out although it is heavy.
This area is full of the old taste that Pori loves very much. Red-foot tables and chairs are the main force. This is also the appearance of my most common camping equipment. Old electric fans, old table lamps, old dining baskets, full of old souls.

In the kitchen area of the house, a table with red feet is placed, and red feet are added to extend the feet to become high feet. This height is suitable for friends standing and cooking. There is an old hand-painted basket on the table. This hand-painted basket can be placed Some seasonings. Set aside, it becomes a small thing that adds flavor.

During the event, I was always so busy that I could not rest. I am very grateful to the Lao Lai couple who provided meal assistance. Besides the staple food, they also used to shoot Models. Sure enough, the Internet celebrities didn't look at the camera. Everyone should learn something.

The first time I participated, I was very excited and really tired, and gained a lot.
The encouragement and interaction given directly by the guests is really accomplished.

I am looking forward to future events, but,
Let yourself be able to participate easily,
It is also the homework to be done next time.


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