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【Missing 2012】

Synchronously recorded on FB 2017.8.28
【Remembering 2012】
The first show of comeback, when the little PO was two years old
(Many friends started camping again because of their children)
I miss the days when the camp was well booked...
In the sky, my friend just had enough material. I made a strong camp pillar. There was no table or chair. Everyone had their own tent. The basic equipment seemed to be absent, but there was no shortage
🎊It's as happy as heart...🎊
#Unexpectedly, the sky curtain color scheme became a big red card
#It's been a long time since the double burner stove
#I don’t know if the oil pipe is plugged in the first vaporization lamp.
#I don’t know where to put the kitchen rack
#I don’t need too much equipment at the beginning, I will definitely change it later

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